Ever wanted to go on that long-awaited vacation but ended up having the worst experience? Maybe encounter an unwarranted argument or mishap. Well this article will deal o that and how to overcome this sort of happening and also how to avoid it just read on.

Reasons why we fight

A lot of reasons can contribute to this mishap of fighting while on vacation. Don’t fret this can surely happen and it doesn’t make you less human. It is even imbedded in our DNA and scientifically the feeling of fear that comes with the unknown. Below are reasons this might actually happen.

1. There is a lot of pressure and expectation on vacation.

2. You’ve rarely spent this much concentrated time together.

3. Things that have been pushed under the rug resurface.

4. You have time to reflect on your life and gauge your true happiness.

5. You may need different things to relax.

6. You might spend money in different ways.

7. You’re off-routine in terms of how you care for yourself.


Steps to Take to Avoid Such Mishap

Before going on that trip there are things you are to put in consideration and also discuss with each to avoid situations where you have to bicker or have huge argument which might even bring the trip being caught short.

1. Location

It’s not all about the geography of the place but more about the atmosphere. When considering a location for your vacation be careful to choose what will suit and benefit each other. Something that is cost friendly and also environment friendly. You could be looking at a vacation where you could enjoy some peace quiet and alone time with your r5partner but end up choosing a family friendly resort where you have screaming and juggling children around this may disrupt the peace and quiet you and your partner solely craved. Try to watch out for such resorts and choose places that will be accommodating for you both to avoid encountering an unwarranted bickering.

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2. Weather

Off-season booking will probably save you cash, but it could mean spending your entire trip cooped up with your partner in a hotel room with nothing really fun to do. Check multiple weather sources don’t just rely on what the hotel site says and find a graph that shows the average rainfall and temperature for the location and month you’re planning to travel just be meticulous. Also, research what time of day is the hottest and coolest so that you can plan activities accordingly and remember don’t end up doing that nature hike when it’s 105 degrees outside.

3. Expenses

Ninety percent of the time this is always the number one reason couples fight, money brings about unwarranted bickering and arguments. Try to discuss your budget before stepping out with your partner, the stress of travelling not to mention fluctuating exchange rates, unfamiliar tipping policies and other vacation surprises, can expose fault lines in even the most in-sync couples. Before leaving discuss the overall budget on what you intend to spend, where you can spend freely and where you can cut back. Make sure to discuss every intended expense with your partner.

4. Documents

You know this. You are quite certain that your passport is up-to-date and you always stay on top of your seat assignment. Except when you forget. Showing up at the ticket counter without the necessary paperwork means someone is guaranteed to lose her temper. Double-check that both of your passports are up-to-date at least two months out. The U.S. Passport Agency advises that it takes four to six weeks to renew by mail. Determine whether you need a visa before you leave; Brazil, India and Russia are three places that require them for U.S. citizens. Although you can purchase a visa upon arrival in some countries, many require you pay in cash (like the Dominican Republic). Be sure to make a stop at the ATM before you get on the plane or risk trying to find one at the border.


How to Stop if it Happens

A way to avoid the off-routine struggle is to maintain as much of your daily self-care as possible. For instance, if you always go for a brisk walk before you eat your granola for breakfast, try and stick with that routine.

Remember vacationing is about pleasure, rest and adventure (depending on what your vacation style is). So do what you can for yourself so you can get the most out of your time away.

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