According to Wikipedia “investment immigration allows individuals to move and quickly obtain residence or citizenship of a country in return for making qualifying investments. Broadly, the programs offer either citizenship by investment (“golden passport” or “cash-for-passports”), residence by investment (“golden visa”) or a hybrid with immediate residence followed by accelerated citizenship”.

This program is put in place to aid high profile investors to move to a particular country and settle there through investing in any business in the country. Investment immigration allows foreign individuals to become residents of a new country in exchange for a significant investment. There are many different types of investment-based programs and they vary by country keep reading to find out.

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Investment immigration programs are utilized by governments to attract foreign capital, and by private investment companies to source clients for their investment-based immigration programs. While there are multiple paths to obtaining an investment-based visa, the majority of these programs require an upfront, government-approved investment. Some government-funded investment programs, like EB-5 and certain types of Green Cards, allow for a shorter investment period.

What really attract this investors are the myriad of benefits that a second passport or residency brings, such as global mobility, access to better healthcare or education, employment opportunities, relief from climate or political instability, or tax benefits. The type of program an applicant chooses may vary in accordance with their immigration goals, expectations, and availability of funds. Processing time is also a key factor to consider. The approval of some programs may take only four weeks; others could take years.


  1. As an investor when applying be sure to identify your investment goals like starting a business, providing better education for their children, accessing better healthcare services and others goals you may have.
  2. Compile a list of all possible investment immigration program. Make sure to review and compare this list and take the one you feel comfortable in giving you what you desire as an investor. When doing this be sure to take some factors into consideration like processing time, the type and amount of investment and any restrictions associated with the program (such as travel or relocation limitations).
  3. Hire a reputable immigration firm to be able enjoy the full benefits of this program so as to be able to have an easy experience. Working with this professionals has it benefits as they will offer assistance in financial pre-planning, program selection and application process. Their experience allows them to offer solutions for investors on any potential issues you might face.


You get to enjoy the following benefits listed below;

  1. A new passport and a new residence permit.
  2. A new social security number.
  3. A chance to start a new life in a new country.
  4. A chance to establish yourself in a new economy.
  5. A chance to get a better education for your children.
  6. A chance to experience a new culture.
  7. A chance to invest in your own future.
  8. A chance to make a positive impact on the economy of your new residence.
  9. A chance to protect your assets from inflation.
  10. A chance to reduce your taxes.


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