Before we deal on who a marriage visa lawyer is and what his jobs entails lets know more about marriage visa.

Marriage visa is the kind or type of visa whereby is obtained by the a foreign spouse while in the foreign country after marriage for the putpose of immigrating to the US to live permanently with the spouse although deciding on the fiancé visa or marriage visa is a personal decision. This type of visa is also known as CR-1 or IR-1 visa

A marriage visa can mean different things to different people. We’ll explain it as a method for a foreign citizen married to a U.S. citizen or permanent resident to enter the United States with an immigrant visa to live permanently in the U.S. as a permanent resident (green card holder). In this case, the couple would have to get married outside the United States. Then, the process begins with the U.S. citizen or permanent resident petitioning the U.S. government to reserve a visa number for his or her spouse.


A marriage visa lawyer can assist individuals with the application process and guide the required documents and eligibility requirements. For an individual to get a marriage visa, they must be able to provide proof of their marriage to a U.S. citizen. They can provide you with the kind of support you will not find in others. When you don’t have a strong legal background, filing without the help of a marriage visa attorney is unadvisable.

Hiring marriage visa lawyers is an investment. However, when you partner with the right ones, every money spent is going to be worth it.

  1. Establishing eligibility
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Spouse visa lawyers help identify if you have the eligibility to sponsor or be sponsored for a marriage-based visa. Marriage visa lawyers will have a thorough consultation to identify if you and your partner are eligible. They will review the legal requirements and determine if you do not violate any of the existing restrictions.


After knowing that you are eligible, proceed to plan the next best steps to start your immigration application.


  1. Determining the better marriage-based visa route

The marriage-based visa category is generally divided into two: spouse visa and fiancé(e) visa. In addition to that, both visas can be immigrant or non-immigrant.

Depending on your circumstances, one category can be better than the other. Marriage visa lawyers will provide you with insights on your best options so that you are fully aware of the possible outcomes. They assist in answering all your legal questions.

  1. Assistance upon entering the United States

When you are applying from outside the United States or have been in the country but went to your home state to process the immigration, you need to go through specific procedures at the port of entry. If you are not compliant with any of the steps, the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officials may deny your entry to US borders. They can also help prepare for your entry and provide added legal services after that.

  1. Getting your spouse employed

Securing a spouse visa does not automatically allow you or your spouse to work in the United States. Under US immigration laws, there are specific visa types that allow immigrant spouses to work within the country. They can also guide you in all the necessary procedures. Allow our team to help you prepare the requirements and submit them to the designated offices.

  1. Legal support during litigation
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Sometimes, litigation is inevitable. When it happens, choose to partner with dependable immigration attorneys. This lawyers will provide you with first-rate representation in court. We will do our best to defend your rights and interests and seek optimum outcomes.


When you receive a notice for litigation, do not ignore it. Many immigrants have been deported from the United States for not processing their legal issues promptly.

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