Ever wondered what scholarship program you can apply for and is legit well, I can assure you that the nitro Scholarship is here to stay.

Choosing how to fund higher education is a challenging endeavor with far-reaching consequences.

It’s a massive burden for teenagers, and it could hurt their finances in the long run. It is a privilege to serve as a resource for students by assisting first-year and their families with college funding, advising on ways to keep debt to a minimum, or awarding financial aid to deserving first-year students.

If you’re a recent grad struggling to make ends meet because of student loan debt, Nitro can help you stop beating yourself up over your payments and start creating real progress toward paying it off. Read on to learn about the program.

Is Nitro Scholarship Legit?

Finding the exemplary Scholarship will always be odd, no matter how hard you try. There are so many different applications and websites needed to complete them all.

The only positive news is that nitro scholarship sites are legitimate and will save you time. Nitro scholarship is legit, but before we go in-depth, let’s know what the program is all about.

What is Nitro Scholarship?

Nitro Scholarship is a program that helps students take their high school classes online by giving them money. A scholarship program is set up to offer scholarships to students who take courses online to get better grades.

The Nitro Scholarship Program is a premier online hub for information on federal and private student loan programs and the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The Nitro Scholarship is not merit-based or need-based; it is more like a giveaway or sweepstakes; your grades are not required to win the Scholarship.


 Each interested applicant only has to submit an application on the Nitro College Scholarship application page and hope their name gets picked. Nitro gives you a chance to get a $2,000 scholarship every month if you are enrolled in an accredited school and going to high school over the internet.

It is an online resource that can help students learn how to pay for college intelligently. It also has reviews of student loan lenders and information about financial aid and scholarships. Also, Nitro provides Alternatives for debt payment rates and conditions that are productive. Unfortunately, Nitro Scholarships are only available to residents of the United States.

Nitro Scholarship Requirements

This article is for students looking to learn more about Nitro criteria for scholarships. One of the requirements is to be enrolled in an accredited school. The Nitro scholarship is offered regularly and requires applicants to be first-time college students when they apply. The Nitro College Scholarship board doesn’t need essays; it is one of the no-essay scholarships you’ll find in the United States. You are only required to submit your application form and could be picked for the award.

Once a student meets all the eligibility requirements for the no-essay Nitro scholarship, they can apply and win it if he passes all the selection processes. These are nitro scholarship requirements below.

  • At least the age of 17
  • You must be a legal resident within the United States.
  • Furthermore, applicants must satisfy any of the five eligibility conditions.
  • You are a parent with a child within an accredited U.S. university or college.
  • Are you a student currently enrolled at an approved U.S. college or university?
  • Are you a parent with a child who is a senior at a U.S. high school?
  • It would be best if you were a high school senior in a U.S. high school.
  • You must be “a student or a parent whose child has graduated from an accredited undergraduate school and who is currently paying back a student or parent loan for his/her/child’s educational expenses for such school.”
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Types of Nitro Scholarships

With the assistance of the Nitro Scholarship, you can take the next step toward realizing your dreams. At Nitro, they want to ensure you have everything you need to determine how to pay for university so you can focus on learning and growing. Below are the different types of scholarships available in the program.


  1. Scholarships for Women

Over centuries, women have fought for equal rights, which has paved the way for ground-breaking scientific discoveries, technological advancements, and more to be made by women. By filtering for major, award amount, and financial need, you can choose from among hundreds of Nitro for Women scholarships.

  1. Scholarships for Minorities

Even though college campuses are becoming increasingly diverse each year, students of all backgrounds must be able to afford to attend. Anyone can apply for Nitro scholarships to African and Pacific Islander ancestry students.

  1. Scholarships for Veterans

Veterans of the United States armed forces and their dependents are eligible for various financial aid programs designed to offset the high cost of higher education. Learn how to navigate the maze of national scholarship opportunities to find funding for your education.

  1. Native American Scholarships

American residents can find many resources to help them pay for college. Use this asset to navigate the maze of Native American fellowships and funding opportunities.



Nitro scholarship award up to $120k since 2016. Nitro scholarship is worth applying to for any student who wants money for college. It is a program that offers $2000 scholarships to students and has many requirements that must be met to win the Scholarship. The winners of the nitro Scholarship receive $2,000 and the chance to take a shot at their dream.

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The Scholarship is a legitimate no-essay scholarship; only students currently studying in accredited high schools, colleges, or universities in the United States are eligible for the award. It is also available for students who finished United States-accredited undergraduate schools.

On the hind hand, this program is not a student loan as it chooses students randomly to award them $2000 for school-related issues.



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