Can asylum seekers travel in Europe

Asylum seekers travel

Can asylum seekers travel in Europe

Ever wondered if asylum seekers could travel in Europe, well wonder no further as this article we deal and who is an Asylum seeker, cause and reason the leave their country, if they can travel in Europe etc.

Read on as this article we deal more on it

What is an Asylum seeker

Can asylum seekers travel in Europe
According to Wikipedia An asylum seeker is a person who leaves their country of residence, enters another country and applies for asylum in that other country. An asylum seeker is an immigrant who has been forcibly displaced and might have fled their home country because of war or other factors harming them or their families.

Asylum seeker are under refugees and haven’t yet been legally recognized as a refugee and is waiting to receive a decision on their asylum claim. Seeking asylum is a human right.

This means everyone should be allowed to enter another country to seek asylum. National asylum systems are in place to determine who qualifies for international protection.

However, during mass movements of refugees, usually as a result of conflict or violence, it is not always possible or necessary to conduct individual interviews with every asylum seeker who crosses a border. These groups are often called ‘prima facie’ refugees

Causes and reason people leave their country

Can asylum seekers travel in Europe
There are many reasons why it might be too difficult or dangerous for people to stay in their own countries. For example, children, woman and men flee from violence, war, hunger, extreme poverty, because of their sexual or gender orientation, or from the consequences of climate change or other natural disasters. Often people will face a combination of these difficult circumstances.

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Like the ongoing war in Russia and Ukraine where approximately fourteen million people are displaced and lost their homes. this number of people go ahead to find asylum in other countries, seeking refugee and sustainability.
Although People who leave their countries are not always fleeing danger.

They might believe they have a better chance of finding work in another country because they have the education or capital to seek opportunities elsewhere.

Others might want to join relatives or friends who are already living abroad. Or they might seek to start or finish their education in another country.

There are lots of different reasons for people to start a journey to build a life in a new country.

Can asylum seekers travel in Europe

Can asylum seekers travel in Europe
At the end of 2021, there were approximately 4.6 million people around the world waiting for a decision on their asylum claims. Asylum seeker are not allowed to. The mostly travel on water rather than on air.

It’s not as if they were presented with two travel options, one that is cheap, safe and comfortable, the other long, costly and dangerous, and they chose the latter, just for the thrill of it. No, the reality is that if they had gone to the airport, the airline staff at the check-in counter would have stopped them.

This involves a EU directive, the Carrier Sanctions Directive 2001/51/EC, that imposes sanctions on carriers – such as airline companies – if they transport passengers that are not in possession of valid travel documents. Penalties range from €3,000 per passenger to a lump sum of €500,000, depending on the country.


Carriers will also have to cover the costs of the passenger’s return trip. This sounds like a reasonable measure to combat irregular immigration.
Instead of discussing how to dismantle smuggler networks, the EU should focus on creating safe and legal pathways for asylum seekers.

Lifting or at least suspending visa requirements and carrier sanctions would ensure safe and lawful arrival and at the same time considerably hurt the business of smugglers.

Can asylum seekers travel in Europe

Asylum seekers in Europe are generally allowed to travel within the country where they have applied for asylum, but the rules vary from country to country. They may also be able to travel to other European countries, but again, the rules and restrictions vary depending on the country.

The right to travel for asylum seekers is regulated by the Dublin Regulation, which determines which country is responsible for processing the asylum claim. The Dublin Regulation generally requires asylum seekers to remain in the country where they first applied for asylum. Still, there are certain circumstances under which they may be allowed to travel to another country.

In general, asylum seekers must obtain permission from the authorities in the country where they are staying before they can travel to another country. They may also be required to report to authorities in the new country upon arrival.

It’s important to note that asylum seekers may face restrictions on their travel depending on their specific situation, such as their legal status, travel documents, or any ongoing legal proceedings related to their asylum claim. It’s also worth noting that some countries may have specific restrictions on travel due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which may affect asylum seekers in different ways.

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